Saturday, April 12, 2014

15 miles of observations

Hey guys, happy weekend!  

Ok, I just had to pop in and tell you a few things I observed this morning on my run.  It was raining and lighting outside so I took to the treadmill for my workout.  15 miles with tempo thrown in for fun....well, my coach would probably call it "fun"  I call it "my legs wanting to fall off".  Anyway, this gave me lots of time to think and here's what I came away with 2 hours later

* there is nothing on TV early in the morning

* if you are on the treadmill next to me and you wonder if we're in a race?  the answer is yes....always yes....and I win

* by the end of your run your tank top will be a completely different, darker color.  Which if fun cause its kind of like a wardrobe change, but also really gross since you're all sweaty and probably smell bad

* don't sing out loud when your jam comes on your Ipod, its really embarrassing

* this was my jam that I listened to on repeat like 82 times

* I was clearly delirious when I thought to myself at mile 5 "oh only 10 more miles, that's not bad at all!"  again....I was on a treadmill...delirious.

* since when did cut-off tee shirts become acceptable gym attire?

*mile 13 all I thought about was a doughnut....I never got a doughnut

*make sure to hang onto the side of the treadmill when you finally stop to get off...surprisingly your legs will be tired, and wont function normally.  Try to act cool as you hobble out of the gym

and oh look!  my glass is almost empty....have a great rest of your weekend!